Rachel Hill
Project Coordinator


         Tree Removal

We offer complete removal services.  For the DIYers or our budget minded customers we offer partial removal where you tell us how much tree debris you would like us to haul away.  With over 10 years of experience in removing countless trees you can rest assured that our team has the skill and knowledge to remove your tree safely and with as little damage to your surrounding landscape as possible.

Tree Healthcare

Are you wondering about the health condition of your tree(s)?  If so, contacting our arborist to perform an inventory and health evaluation is a great first step.  We can then map out the needs of  your tree(s) to develop a plan for future maintenance, fertilization, or treatment for pest and disease control.  We try our best to approach every plant healthcare challenge with regard to its affect on our environment to develop a solution to do no harm.       

         Tree Trimming

Trimming is often necessary to maintain or improve a trees safety,  tree structure, health, and for general aesthetics.  Improper pruning techniques or removing to many living branches can cause substantial damage to the health of a tree.  Our pruning cuts are made with an understanding of how a tree will respond to successfully accomplish our customer's goals while considering the affects on future growth.

Cabling & Bracing

Trees can grow in such a manner that their physical structure can no longer support their own weight.  This is particularly common in mature multi-trunked trees and trees with open canopies.  Failure of a large branch or trunk can result in property damage, personal injury, or the decline of a tree’s health.  Cables and bracing rods are tools we use to protect or to  improve the structural integrity of trees.

Stump Removal

Once a tree is removed, we can grind the stump to a standard depth that allows for the growth of turf or ground cover.  Stump grinding can also include the removal of  any remaining large surface roots. Pricing for a stump removal is based on the diameter of the stump. Stump removals will be scheduled at a later date from tree removal and will be put on the calendar as soon after your tree work has been completed. 

Tree for Trees

For every tree we remove, we would love to plant a tree seedling in its place.  This is a small part we can play to help support efforts to promote the well-being of our earth by reducing the negative effects of deforestation.  WHY?  Because trees are AWESOME and we love to keep them growing.  Trees breathe life into our environment:  they reduce the erosion, moderate the temperature, clean the air and produce life-giving oxygen.  Lets keep them growing.

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